“Christmas Light” Exhibit

We are proud to announce that on the 27th of November 2019 we have opened the Advent story “Christmas Light” in the Theme park Pavletić in Malino this year as well. Besides a vastly increased space, content and number of Christmas lights in the park, we have additionally prepared an exhibitor’s fair (family farms and […]

New Canopies

We were diligent this summer, so we made several canopies in our sculpture park in Malino. Visitors can now hide themselves from the sun and the rain during their visit and can also rest on the benches under a roof.

The Sad Story of a Dolphin

Several years ago, a wooden dolphin swam from the Orljava river into the Adriatic Sea. He first settled in the Punat Marina, then in the sculpture park on Dunat and was in Zagreb and the rest of Croatia as well, only to recently become the main attraction and the beach in Punat. Every day, dozens […]