The Sad Story of a Dolphin

Several years ago, a wooden dolphin swam from the Orljava river into the Adriatic Sea. He first settled in the Punat Marina, then in the sculpture park on Dunat and was in Zagreb and the rest of Croatia as well, only to recently become the main attraction and the beach in Punat. Every day, dozens of domestic and foreign tourists would stop to take a picture with him. Sometimes they would pet him or even kiss him.

He also appeared in various media in Croatia and beyond.

Unfortunately, unknown vandals have ended his “life” last night by tearing him down from his pedestal and throwing him onto the rocks in the sea. He fell apart and the water took him away in pieces.

When a person dies, we say “From dust you came and to dust you shall return,” and to the dolphin we would say “From water you came and to water you shall return.”

We also made small dolphin replicas in his image. The last picture shows a piece of the dolphin floating on the sea.