”One day I receive an e-mail from my host organization and my adventure on Croatia started!”

Megi Iakobadze is a Georgian volunteer who joined ARTECO PAVLETIĆ, in Malino, Croatia and carries out her short-term European Solidarity Corps project funded by Erasmus +.

Read what she says about her upcoming experience:

”Hi ! I am Megi from one of the most historical places in Georgia, Samtskhe-Javakheti and I am fond of challenges. I love trying new things and experiencing new adventures,

that is why I always wanted to participate in international exchange programs that would be something new in my life. One day I receive an e-mail from my host organization and my adventure in Croatia started…

I had been participating in this project for two months and as was expected this was an unforgettable experience in a new environment with eleven new person from different cultures and distinguished mindsets. Of course, there were hard times and little problems but finally, we have become one big team despite all things we built new friendships that will be continued in the future.

The volunteering programs are a great chance for every young person in order to receive huge experience, develop their skills and most important become part of the global world. I have tried a lot of volunteering programs and this one, from ESC, was the most memorable for me. I was a beneficiary of this program and recommend everyone, who is allowed to participate, do not miss this chance.

In summary, I want to thank BITISI as my sending organization which helped me in preparation for participation, and my hosting organization ART ECO Which gave me the opportunity to leave in one of the most beautiful and hospitable Regions of Croatia, neighboring Bosnia, and have unforgettable amazing adventure there. ” – Megi Iakobadze.