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The Arteco Association

The name Tena is the most common female name in Slavonia and many brands carry that name. Tena Pavletić is the heroine of the eponymous novel by Kozarac. The novel was written in Piljenice, the westernmost Slavonian village where a Pavletić cooperative, of which Kozarac writes, really existed and it was Ivan Pavletić, a member of the cooperative and a local ranger, who probably inspired Kozarac. The greatgrandchildren of that ranger, the five Pavletić brothers, decided to establish the Arteco Association and use it to once again tell the tale of Tena with waste wood and vine sculptures. However, the Pavletić brothers and the Arteco Association use their sculptures to tell the stories of other authors like Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, Matija Reljković and others as well.

Family Farm Pavletić

The Association does not deal with tourism but does have the goal of developing tourism in the rural region. Therefore, through its activities, it seeks to gather as many family farms and other associations from the region as possible into one basic project called Theme park Pavletić. The park itself is located on the Family farm Pavletić property and functions as an outing spot enriched by an exhibit and the Arteco Association’s programs, and the other family farms and associations have the opportunity of exhibiting and selling their work in the Theme park.


Malino is a place at the tripoint crossroads between Slavonski Brod, Nova gradiška and Požega, about a half an hour ride to each city, with a traffic connection to the main road Brod-Gradiška and the train tracks, and in the neighboring village of Lužani there is highway entrance/exit. Malino is a small, rural place with just several private companies and one shop.